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Hi there!

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a realistic stream of water, flowing from the faucet using Photoshop. It is very easy. (This tutorial fits for users of Photoshop CS2 and the higher versions as well.)
Let’s get started!

Final Image Preview:


Step 1:

First, create a Photoshop document with 500×500 px image resolution.
Press letter “D” to set colors in the palette as black and white.
Create a new layer and go to the “Filter-Render-Clouds” menu.

You should get such image:

Photoshop tut

Step 2:

Then, “Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur” set up radius: 6.
After that, do “Filter-Blur-Motion Blur”. Set angle 90, distance 80.


Step 3:

Now go to “Image-Image size” (Alt+Ctrl+I)
Set width 300 px, remove the tick near the option “Constrain Proportions”


Step 4:

Continue using filters:
“Filter-artistic-Plastic Wrap “.
Highlight Strength=15;
And another filter:
“Filter – Sketch–Chrome”.

photoshop tutorial

Step 5:

Go to “Edit-Fade Chrome”
Now, set opacity=100 and mode hard light.
Go to “Image-Image Size” again.
Set height 800, but do not constrain proportions!
Now, move to “Edit-Transform-Warp”.
Move the nodules anyhow you like to attach the form of a stream of falling water to the image.


Step 6:

Now move to the background layer and add a blue gradient, then return to the layer with the stream of water and change the mode to “Hard Light”.



This is what you get. Now you can insert a faucet into the picture just like this one:

realistic stream of water photoshop tutorial

To make the image more realistic create a new layer, take a little-sized brush tool and draw a little shadow at the stream of water right under the faucet. Set low opacity.
Now our image is ready. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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